Aug 21, 2013

at 2:13 PM


21st august 2013 1:28pm

Kay I'm kinda excited now I have no idea why.

I just came back from kindergarten at 1pm and had lunch. I have 3 tuition today first one at 2.30pm to 4.30pm, second at 4.30pm to 7pm and third one at 7.30pm to 9pm yay I'm a supergirl. :D

I didn't have enough sleep last night because I had too much tea during Shepherd Group at the Ngoh's therefore I slept at 1am. I'm bringing a 3in1 coffee later with me thou, just in case my eyes stop cooperating at any of my student's place hehe.

So last night while in bed I was struggling to sleep. It's been long since I last experienced that, cause most of the time nowadays I just die peacefully on bed the moment I close my eyes. Except for some emo nights of course luls. So my mind got busy thinking again, suddenly some past events triggered a spark in my head. It gave me some inspiration to start doing something. Well I am excited. =)

Also today at kindergarten I was discussing about their coming concert in November with the teachers aka my aunts and mom. Don't worry it isn't like a big concert or something, just a graduation kind of thing. I told mom I'm gonna take it as my personal project to make the concert a different one this year. So yeap, can't wait.

Actually I came here to blog to keep myself fresh for later. Ish I'm gonna be so exhausted tonight. Anyway let's talk about boyfriend. :3 He has endless events going on now and makes it harder for us to spend enough time, but I'm so thankful to God we're still strong together. Baby is super busy also even busier than my schedule like hurts sometimes that we can't talk longer, but it hurts more sometimes to see him so tired. He has been casting for hon tour also at, proud of him =) I showed my parents and they were impressed bahaha miao.

Can't wait till he's back!

Aite it's almost time, gotta get going. Forgive me for this pointless post.





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