Aug 1, 2013

at 3:00 PM


Happy August.. =)

I think I'm slacking here, ohnonononoooooooooou.

Perhaps like my previous title, it's the transition I'm going through that makes me so frustrated and lost sometimes, that even blogging becomes a burden to me woot. o.o

Anyway just a lil bit of an update, I've been planning for my uni and stuff. I haven't come to conclusion yet but at least I have a few options in mind now. It's so depressing to see all my friends counting down on the days left to enter Uni while I'm sitting here with 0 contribution to the society. Why am I such a failure omg.

On a side note, I just closed my music player because every songs seems so disturbing to my mood now. Cause I thought music always heals but not this time. Strange. Idk why perhaps it's my period. I'm so emo now URGH but how did I manage to start this post being happy? Joey you suck D:

So yesterday afternoon I had gotong-royong alone in my room. It's so rare that I have no tuition in the afternoon. So first I rearranged all my clothes in my closet, cause God knows when I started stuffing my dried clothes in it without piling up properly.

I modified plenty of my old clothes so I can still wear them without feeling bored.

Like this one! *feeling pro*

Hehe. Took me an hour plus to re-categorize the pieces. Then next I went ahead and cleared some empty boxes below my table. Didn't know they were EMPTY till I cleaned them yesterday. So it means they've been there like years without anything inside yet occupied my room and made it looked so stuffy. Dang them boxes. So now I have more places for my legs to move around yey. 

One thing that most don't know about me. I hate corners. Thou I always emo draw circle at one corner but still, corners are dirty, corners are dusty, corners are creepy. :3 So yesterday, I man up and cleaned all le dust at the corner of my room. You don't want to imagine my face when I wiped the dust. You don't want also to imagine the amount of dust there was. RAWR even now I still cannot accept......ew...

Oh did I mention I showered and did mask before I started cleaning my room? I know, so dumb. 

So after the corners, I changed my bed sheet and cleaned my patungs on the bed one by one. They are so ever lovely. Heh. You know, I can never go to sleep without soft toys or bolster. I need my bed to be filled with stuff so I can sleep comfortably. So each time I go for vacation I bring my toiis along. Usually it's le tiger and duck. Tiger from le boyfie and duck from le mama just telling lol.

Finally when I was done with everything, my hair looked so lion king and my face was oily again gg pointless mask session ish.

So I went for a second round of self-cleaning.

Well that was basically how I spent my last day of July trying to occupy myself so I can stop thinking for a moment. My room looks perfect now. Makes me a happy girl.

It's already August and I really can't stop seeing how fast time had passed.. I just hope this season of life can be a lesson in the future. In any way it can. Because I'm wasting my time away. Gotta stop right here right now.

Till then I'm going to take a nap now.
Gonna die of period pain anytime soon KTHXBAI. 


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