Aug 18, 2013

at 10:49 PM


Actually I just cancelled off everything I just typed because I thought I was being too self-centered. So here's a retype.

What is bff. Define bff. Bed fights pillow talk girls night yamcha hangout sleepovers? Exchanging secrets long hours phone calls gossips concerts shopping manicure pedicure whatever cure? 

No it isn't that simple and I figured I need to redefine it.

To sum it all up,

I can't contain anymore words of discouragement.
It's too heavy to handle..

I'm just sad sometimes when of all the people around me you guys are the ones that crush me put me down doubt my capabilities criticize me and whatnot. I would love to believe those were jokes but nobody likes being a laughing stock every single time yes every single time and NO encouragement after that? I don't do that.

What's the point complimenting when all I get in return was negative comments. I'm boosting people's confidence but at the same time being stepped over and over again on my confidence platform or however you want to put it. 

I can continue expressing all I want but I just choose not to do that.

x - x- x -x - x - x - x

So I complained to dad and mom just now of how frustrated I am and how hopeless I feel for friendship,

and they agreed to be my best friends. 

I have loving parents. 

If I can be sensitive with your feelings, 
could you please consider mine too?


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