Aug 26, 2013

at 2:33 PM

Grow up. =)

It's exactly 2 months away from my 20th birthday..I'm so glad my birthday falls at the end of the year so it gives me time throughout the year to be prepared to get older.

My teenage years have finally come to an end, and I want to make my life counts in my 20s.

I may have spent my entire 8 months till today grieving and moaning on how miserable my life was, but God opened my eyes to make me realize that I actually had more than I deserve, that life isn't plainly about what I get and what I am.

I just came to realize that my parents are actually too awesome.

My father hardly complains about anything, patience is his best virtue. My father brings us anywhere we want to go, he gives the best advises about life, he tells the best jokes, he helps us explore everything, he lets us try every awesome stuff, he is my best hero. And I think my father is really, really smart and talented. Book smart, street smart, yes both of them ohhh no wonder I'm so smart myself (LOL).

My mother on the other hand, is the most systematic person I've seen. She prepares everything beforehand, she knows every little detail about us, she makes sure everything runs accordingly. My mom never forgets about our meals. She cares about our daily life, she cares about each and every of our outing with friends, she knows almost ALL the names of my friends. She just does. My mother remembers everything we said, she gets mad but she doesn't stop loving us. Also, my mother is the cutest thing on earth, especially when she laughs ohhhhh okay no wonder I'm so cute myself too HEHEHEHE.

Well I'm sure I express to them all the time of my love towards them. I hug my mother when she's unaware of my presence, and I hug my dad just the same when he comes back from work every weekend. I don't know why but I just find myself loving them more each day. He buys me my favorite food, she cooks me my favorite dishes, they just never fail to touch me.

It's exactly 2 months away from my 20th birthday..I'm growing up and my parents are getting older.. I don't know how to thank them more...Instead of celebrating my birthday this year I really wish to celebrate their effort and love instead. Other than God himself, my parents are the ones that love me the longest.

I can't afford to lose them.

It's exactly 2 months away from my 20th birthday.
Thanks mom and dad, it's actually your day, not mine.



Your private lorry driver said...

Best post ever! ^^
except the ss part.

MidnightGurl said...

aww my private lorry driver...herro :DD


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