Sep 11, 2013

at 2:24 PM

Another busy Wednesday.

Herro I'm here again to make sure I'm occupied before work.

Just came back from kindergarten at about 1pm, I have 3 tuition later at 2.30pm - 4.30pm, 4.30pm - 7pm, and 7.30pm to 9pm  NAYY. I actually planned to watch a movie just now to keep myself awake but changed my mind cause was caught up watching my boyfie's stream at Anyway it's 2pm now I'll have to go get ready soon.

Pushed all my tuition today cause some of them are having their UPSR exam and they have English paper tomorrow. Last day of tuition today, and Imma miss them soon ish.

I slept at 11pm last night to make sure I have enough energy today, and thank God my brain hasn't gone offline yet cause normally it's my rest time at this hour. Also my sufficient sleep and caffeine this morning contributed a lot. I'm such a happy girl now ahaha.

Let's hope I can still leave some strength for tonight to re-polish my nails cause some parts have dropped off (thanks to the guitar strings) and they look super ugly now.

Till then ciao!


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