Sep 6, 2013

at 1:29 PM

The future awaits.

September 6th. 

Haaai I guess September is getting more beautiful now. I can't help it but to keep imagining my uni life soon.. =) I can't wait I just can't.. I need it to pull me out at least, of this comfort zone. I'm getting lazier each day ish.

Half of my students are stopping this month after their UPSR, and I'm torn between that excitement of freedom and anxiousness of getting less income lol. I'm becoming more giam siap these days even I myself am surprised.. I hardly resist on food but just these 3 months I'm always rejecting yamcha with the gang and makes me look like some antisocial freak rawr.

Truth is I'm saving like MAD (both in game and real life rofl) for my uni soon. I haven't told my mom yet but I want to surprise her with the amount of savings I have now hehe. She's been really tight as she's also paying for my sister's education. I told myself I want to try pay for my own education, I'll do whatever it takes. At least for the first year.

God has really been awesome to me, His blessings are sufficient and I can never, ever, outgive God. I've cut down MOST of my entertainment with friends especially on movies and yamcha. So I'll make sure I eat and watch movies with my family because you-know-why AHAHA k that makes no difference I'm still gonna make them spend on me HAHAHA ohmygoodness.

Point is, I've been the most rebellious kid among my siblings so I'm gonna do something for my parents now.

Life's gonna change soon.
I need to start studying again.


ladadididaa. ^__^


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