Oct 30, 2013

at 1:53 PM

God in control

Class this morning ended early again, I came back at 11.30am and cooked my meals. Tonight I'm going to campus for this event Memories of the Autumn organized by the Chinese Society. Excited. =)

Submitted my first journal last night and about half an hour later lecturer replied:

Good thinker possesses certain abilities such as cognitive capabilities, as well as thinking strategies and skills; it is their abiding tendencies to explore, to inquiry, to seek clarity, to take intellectual risks, to think critically and imaginatively. Good work Joey !

: )

I'm so super happy I thought my work would be in the wrong format and stuff. Didn't care much cause it was the first entry so I thought it's okay to make mistakes. Lol.

Praise the Lord, I think I'm handling things fine thus far. =)

Also, my classmates are getting crazier day by day I can't seem to blend in anymore hahaha. Most of the time now I leave the group and head back to my apartment cause I just gotta restrain myself from eating outside food. Save cost save cost, and till today I still enjoy my own cooked food. Awesomeness overload.

Well the gang planned for a Halloween party tomorrow in class, they decided to put on hair spray and make up and just walk to class like a boss well at least that's what I was told. So as the paper was going round the class for us to write our names, of course I did not. Then came the questions 'JOEYY COME ON!!' 'Write your name!' 'Join the fun JOEY!!' 'How can you not join us Joey!!' I didn't have time to answer to every question so I just said 'sorry guys I'm a Christian and I don't celebrate Halloween'

This is too fast. I mean, they've gone too wild, I can't cope. LOL. Their energy seems endless, they're always out, they're always talking on the Whatsapp group, they're always planning for stuff. I need time to rest and for my work and nothing else, I can't handle too many things at one time lol.

But don't get me wrong, they're all so energetic and fun and cute, but maybe I just don't belong to those kind of fun. Old liao, 20 liao, you know. =p They're all so, unlimited. lol

Just now after class when I was walking away from them one of the boy was like 'You're leaving again? We're gonna discuss about the Halloween party tomorrow!' So I told him I had to come back to cook then he gave me a 'Loser' kind of look and I only smiled back and walked away. Well have fun kids, this 20-year-old jie jie needs rest. heh =p

It's almost 2pm now and both my roommates are still sleeping since I came back from class. Omg they have awezome lifez.

Gtg makan. Mwahs!

Oct 28, 2013

at 3:35 PM

First coursework.

It's the second week of uni. I'm starting to realize that this is no easy work. Every lecture gives my brain a snap, also it broadens my thinking even it's just a lil bit. Today we had this Creative English and I submitted a 20 lines of short story with a coursemate. I'd love to read the comments soon to see if my writing has gone bad. Hehe.

My coursemates are still awesome, everybody was like so hyped up in the morning, greeting each other with wide grins and all. SO much semangat omg. Probably everyone's still feeling fresh for the uni life. Perhaps a week or two later everyone will be so dead already. Baam.

We already had our first piece of homework last Friday for Creative Studies. A journal? I have no idea. The lecturer explained it as if we all know how to write it. Or maybe I was the only one being blur. Most of the people I talked to has completed the journal but I haven't even started a sentence yet. And I have time to blog now. =3=

Anyways, lets hope my procrastination wouldn't go any more worse and ruin my whole Foundation year. It's time to change. Whee bais.

Off to class.

Oct 23, 2013

at 3:11 PM

Fun Time.

So today is the third day of class already. I had so much fun in class and out. I met a bunch of crazy people, a few international students and some chinese girls just like me. Heeehs. You know people always say university life is nothing like highschool, you don't wear uniforms, you don't sit in class listening to the teacher from morning 7am to 1pm sometimes 2pm and so on. I finally am experiencing them now, it's really a total different atmosphere that I've always been wanting to try and experience. Lecturers are cool, they let us eat and even sleep in the class lol. They were like, it's okay, I understand sometimes you're really tired, as long you don't disturb the class, I'm fine. Some were like you can eat and drink in this lab but just make sure you keep the place clean! I've never thought that uni life could be this awesome, it's like so new to me, and I'm definitely loving it.

My room is super clean now, and my living room is half clean. I had the whole afternoon yesterday at my apartment to clean the place. The cabinets are so friggin scary with spider webs and dust. I killed more than 5 spiders already I'm SO MANLY! Yay. Next Tuesday I need to start sweeping and mopping so I could use the living hall too. The only thing I really hate here other than the dustiness is that, Mosquitoes are like EVERYWHERE even when I cook when I sleep when I'm in my room except when I'm showering of course. They don't close the window IDK WHY but it's okay, I'm new here so I'll adapt myself to the rules.

My class has about 53 people for all the subjects except for tutorial which is split to 2 groups. I don't know all of them yet but at least half. Every class has the typical types of people, you can't run away from that. The extreme group, where the people will be super proactive and it's so stressful. I don't know how they survive because basically they just get everything done before the lecturer asks us to. Good but scary. I almost joined their group for the English assignment, lucky not, cause if not I'll be dead receiving calls after calls from them asking me if I've done my work or not. LOL just saying, no offense. But these people are usually the hardworking ones, they deserve better members. Not me cause I. am. freaking. lazy.

Other groups are like the quiet ones, the cool ones, the stick-to-my-own-race ones, and last but not least the crazy ones. I don't belong anywhere cause 强者永远是孤独的。 LOL JOKING. If you don't understand that saying, it simply means the strong ones are always alone. Really I was joking. I can't survive alone. I don't know which group I belong to but I do have a group of really crazy guys with 2 international students. It's only like the third day we're hanging out but they're pretty cool. Let's hope nobody is wearing a mask. x)

It's 2.45pm now and I have a class at 4pm. It's raining again and I haven't gotten back my umbrella. ISH WHAAAIII.

Some fun updates.

Tried shawarma on Monday with the new friends,
it costs 5 bucks and it's super tasty.

When I took my phone out to snap the shawarma,
this guy thought I was taking his picture and he made this face,
so might as well.

Computer lab for computer graphic tutorial,
with super big screens.

Campus view, while waiting for class.

dinner last night.

lunch today.

This retarded ship, has a story behind it.
We had our first Life Drawing class this morning, so lecturer gave us some personality test based on our drawing. So I was reminded of the test we did in highschool where you have to draw a house and clouds and sun whatsoever. I don't know, I thought it was that. So lecturer asked us to draw a cruise ship. I had no idea what a cruise ship is I'm so dumb omg! So the first thing that popped in my head was a normal ship. Then I thought we had to doodle it as fast as we can, so I didn't care, I just drew a random retarded cartoon ship and completed it within a minute. When done, everyone else was still drawing so slowly and carefully. Then lecturer went 'you have 5 minutes' and BOOM I was so embarrassed lol. I didn't bother to even rub it or change it because I thought you know, it's a personality test, everything has to be first-hand. Even thou it's wrong. Whatever. Anyway some of my classmates around me said things like 'owwhh so cute!' well thanks guys that's very kind of you but you can go ahead and say I'm dumb I don't mind LOL. Ish. 90% of my coursemates are younger. I feel so...nevermind. 

Lastly (ss again hehe) I have this full-length mirror in my apartment and each time I walk pass it I can't help it but to take photos of myself HAHAHAHA crap.

Nobody so far believes I'm 20. Nobody at all.
I'm so high.

*dances around*

Till next time! x)

Oct 21, 2013

at 3:11 PM

First day of Foundation.

For the first time I'm having a more specific title for the post, cause I realized I had trouble looking for some old blog posts because 90% of my titles weren't related to the content. Zz.

So this morning dad drove me back to my apartment, I got ready and walked to uni for my first class, it's Creative English. I'm actually kinda thrilled, you know, at least I'm still in touch with English Language, like a proper lesson for English. Other than Maths, English is my second favourite subject. First lesson was only the introduction, ended in one hour instead of two. We're gonna have presentation of Play and some script-writing involved. Omg I've never been in these fields, these have always been my passion just that I have no platform to actually develop myself. I won't say I'm good at these so yeah, pretty challenging, definitely FUN.

After that one hour, some of them were busy recruiting group members, I was lost. I volunteered to join in one of the group cause the people they already have now look pro sia.. HAHA but omg some of the girls were really keen of joining the existing guys too so I kinda backed off. Aww ): Nevermind, I told myself, I asked God to get me in the best group, so I have not much to worry. Hehe.

I came back apartment after class and cooked my lunch. Not too bad huh?

Decided to take a nap for an hour but couldn't sleep, too excited maybe. :3

Right now its 3pm, one hour to go for my next class. It's COMPUTER DESIGN WHEEE. And while I'm blogging now the sky is super dark. I left my umbrella in a friend's car so let's pray it will not rain when I'm leaving later. Or maybe I could ask God to stop the rain till I get to my class ehehehee.

I've made quite a number of friends. Would you call them friends when you already know their name but haven't really talked before? Yeah, they're my friends now then :D

Shit it's raining already.

A picture taken by mom during my last week at work.

Just random.

Gtg for class buaix! =)


Oct 20, 2013

at 9:52 PM

New phase!

warning: long post xp

Hiii peeps! I've been really busy with the transition. Finally some time to update now :D

I'm officially an MMUians now, class starts tomorrow. Can you sense my excitement? WHEEE.

So last Monday (14th) was the worst day of the month I'd say. I only got my offer letter 3 days before I enter uni, and I was so stressed settling all the forms and stuff. So happened 15th was a public holiday, all the offices banks and such weren't open. Gahh. Hated it, sister warned me to be prepared as there will be more to come..NOOOOUUUUUUs.

Anyway praise the Lord, I got everything done on Wednesday morning. Imma skip the whole progress, but all in all, I really want to thank my father for bringing me around without any complains. Like I always say he's really an awesome dad, you know. We practically went round and round the town I lost count of the rounds. First to post office, then bank, then clinic, clinic not open, went photo studio, then back to clinic, then walked to a bookshop, went school, finally back home, and then post office again. Even after all these, I wanted to dapao WanTanMee, he drove to more than 3 shops just to look for wantanmee for me muahahaah. And finally he drove me all the way from Seremban to Cyberjaya, to my apartment.

Thanks dad, I love you. 

I spent the whole Wednesday evening and night cleaning my room in my new apartment. Here's a picture of the swimming pool and night view of the surrounding of my apartment. So much loves omg.. You know, I would one day come down and sit at a table to blog, just so to enjoy that atmosphere. Behehe.

Then the next morning was the first day of Orientation. Woke up with this view, gave me enough of energy and hope for this beginning of my new chapter. Rise and Shine yo! =D

Miao...miao everywhere! Soooo friggin adorable RAWR!

Orientation was normal, bored with all the taklimat but other than that everything else was perfect. Below are pictures of the uni compound.

And finally le me in the toilet.


So awesome right my UNI! bwahaha..it has its own MMU song I'm so proudddd x)) From my apartment to a small gate linked to MMU it takes me 5 mins, from the gate to my faculty's building it takes another 10mins. The first day of orientation ended at 11.30pm, by the time I walked back to my apartment it was already 12am, my leg sore like shit and I had at least 2 blisters on my toes. Funniest thing is that until now I have trouble finding my own block at my apartment. 

The first night there was a real nightmare, I got lost in the middle of the blocks. I lost my direction and had no idea where to go. It was close to 10pm I think, I visited a friend at another block, so I guess when I walked back alone I overestimated myself, I forgot I suck at directions (at least that's whay my boyfriend always says ish). And you know my area has a lot of middle east people staying, so I was so scared. Not like I'm worried they'll do anything to me but heck I was alone and they really look scary LOL I'm sorry! I spent about 30mins walking around asking people where's my block. So noob right zz. Anyway I had somebody special with me on the phone throughout that period of time. Thanks buddy, appreciate it!  ^_______^v 

And what do I eat when I'm hungry?

Makan Maggi nia.

Living alone with strangers is not easy. Especially when I'm sharing everything else with them. I felt like I have no privacy, restricted to only that little space in the room. I know it's time to grow up, I was too comfortable in my comfort zone. I have to wash my own clothes, cook my own meals, tidy up my own place and whatnot. 

Mom is overly worried I think. But she's so cute. I came back on Friday, and she never stopped telling what to cook what to do what to remember ever since. She prepared a whole bag of food for me to survive over the week, and she would end each reminder asking '会没有哦?..38..' LOL so cute right..then I would hug her and tell her thank you miiiiii. I really love her soo much... =)) Here's a conversation between me and mom. (click to enlarge)

When I saw that bodoh bodoh bodoh I burst out laughing.
She's too cute.

Kays done with the uni, here are some random updates.

The other day dad brought me to this auto car wash machine I was so fascinated. 
First time.

The Sunday before I moved to apartment, aunt brought me for Hightea at Allson Klana Resort. The whole interior was so much different from before. Still prefer the previous setting. 

Anyway thankful for the treat, I have loving aunts.

Monday was the last day at work. Before I leave I told the kids ‘姐姐要走了咯,你们要乖!’ then this 5 years old girl ran to me and hugged my legs, then went off with watery eyes. She was quiet, till when I reached the gate, she stood up from her place and said '姐姐!'.. The moment I heard that my heart really skipped a beat. She looked so sad omg.. Then she ran to me and cried asking me not to go..

Aww poor thing.. =( I still managed to snap photos.
Crap, Imma miss you little one.
See you soon on Graduation Day! =)

Then my all-time-fav little Ven Hao boy came and hug me too.

This is the current condition of my study table at home.
Sibeh empty, cause room now half belongs to my little brother now.

This is a friggin filling triple cheese burger I had yesterday.
Its smell its juiciness its cheezzieeness killed me.
*dies. :3

Lot more to tell, but next time.
Live life to the fullest! =)


Oct 10, 2013

at 5:18 PM

Rainy day, lazy joey.

It's raining!

I think I fell asleep on bed for about 30 minutes before I was awaken by the rain. Rushed to close the windows and went back to my bed. My music player was playing at random since I got home from work, and then the rain went heavier, my whole room was in complete darkness. Except for the display light from my lappy, and some daylight creeping in from outside.

It's 4.10pm.

Just as this atmosphere was filling my senses, I allowed myself to indulge in the sight and sound of the rain. I got up and paused my music player, and decided to blog while I enjoy the scent of the lovely rain. You know, the rain just has rhythm of its own, still better than any song in my entire playlist.

I so wish I have curtains for my window, so I can block away the unwanted daylight to make my room darker. Ish. So in the end I decided to blog in my living room, just the darkness I love.

I was checking my to-do-list, and really thankful that most of them were being ticked off. I'm a step away from uni life, and I have exactly one day left to confirm my application. A guy called from the uni and told me to go for body checkup and send them back the report by 11th. It's already 10th today. I don't know what's that for but I can't do no shit till my offer letter is here. Oh syiaks so helpless...

Other than that I guess I'm ready for my new phase. Still in between excitement and anxiousness.

Falling for LINE app these days.
Too many emoticons, too many colors, too lovely too cute not to use.

Cannot even be compared with Whatsapp.
Really reallyyy.

Nothing much to update,
eating chocolate and maybe ice cream soon.
Just little things that make me a happy girl.

However before I go,
 lemme show you one little fluffy bunny.

to the left to the left.

to the right to the right.


Off for some self-jamming session with my Timmy.

Oct 3, 2013

at 8:39 PM


'Congratulations ! Please be informed that your application for admission to Multimedia University has been accepted and you have been selected for the following programme...'

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGGGGGGG I can't describe the feeling when I saw this OMGGG! Sorry for overreacting but I really am excited.

Since it's MMU, of course my application will be accepted, cause it's a private uni duh. As long you're not those that flunk all your subjects and has money, no private uni will reject you. Hehe of course I expected them to accept me already but you know, you will never understand the feeling of a poor little girl being rejected over and over again by some stupid rac*s* g*v*rnment RAWR NO I DIDN'T mean it. :3 Actually I did.

Time and time again I was crushed by the result with 'Dukacita dimaklumkan..' and finally here's one with a 'Congratulations' omg I think it's gonna become my favorite word for the following one year LOL.

Nothing much, came here to express that satisfaction and gratitude to readers and of course not forgetting to praise my God for that.



Oct 1, 2013

at 2:11 PM

1st of October

Yay it's my month! 

I sincerely hope the year ends good, since I didn't start it very well.

October marks (officially) the end of my teenage years, also the beginning of my uni life soon. I'm really so excited, really, so so excited. I haven't tried being away from home for long except for PLKN 2 years ago. Now that I'm gonna be living outside alone with strangers, I suddenly feel all grown up lol. But anyway I'll still be home in the weekends. I wonder how would it be like..it's a different experience altogether! =) All glory to God. I just felt that everything is planned by Him, all those problems that seem too big to me are all solved now.

Just also a few updates for the previous month. I haven't blogged for 2 weeks plus because I was really busy with all the preparation to uni, preparation for the kindergarten's year end exam and concert and such. Youth in church had this Connect 2 event for both the month of August and September. I was in the committee team even thou not the key person but already soooo much work to do. Glad it's finally over now *PHEW*. All the markings all the brainstorming all the plannings, I would really die of depression if not for God's grace lol JOKING. Not forgetting also giving tuition as usual. That alone already is overkilling.

Well. So life wasn't easy. Hopefully that busyness was enough to prepare me for my uni life in the near future. Oh did I mention I had to go through Foundation again? Everybody thought it was such a waste since I graduated highschool with an STPM lol. I felt the same too but then later I thought it was okay, at least I could enjoy another year of myself being a student. Perhaps it was peer pressure that made me feel so old all of a sudden. Like what, everybody is saying that 3 more years we'll be out in the society working, facing the giants and blabla. So I'm 20 this year and I have 4 years till my working life. Hopefully that's an advantage. But I can't avoid being the eldest in my Foundation class soon. Ouch.

So since most of my tuition are stopping this month, that also means I have a whole lot more leisure time at home I'm so high. But it won't last long, only 2 weeks till I move to my apartment. Speaking of apartment I want to hereby thank a few person. They're like some God-sent angels lol. There's this girl I met just once during my form6. She's enrolling in the same uni as I am, and she's been sooooo helpful. Like I said I was sooooo busy the past 2 weeks I almost forgot I haven't found a place to stay! She was there to always remind me and make sure I've found one. Sweet. In the end I found one penthouse, this is credited to another church friend who came randomly to talk to me and so happened I mentioned about my apartment and so happened he was willing to help find for me. I owe you a meal dude. Also my boyfriend has been asking me to stay at his Malaysia house since he's in the States now and has one empty room here. But it's 30mins away from my uni, may not be convenient. Nevertheless I know you care darling, thank you muax! :D

I guess that was it. More posts soon about my penthouse and new uni.
YAY hen kai xin hen kai xin hen kai xin! ^^

I just want to be a blessing.


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