Oct 1, 2013

at 2:11 PM

1st of October

Yay it's my month! 

I sincerely hope the year ends good, since I didn't start it very well.

October marks (officially) the end of my teenage years, also the beginning of my uni life soon. I'm really so excited, really, so so excited. I haven't tried being away from home for long except for PLKN 2 years ago. Now that I'm gonna be living outside alone with strangers, I suddenly feel all grown up lol. But anyway I'll still be home in the weekends. I wonder how would it be like..it's a different experience altogether! =) All glory to God. I just felt that everything is planned by Him, all those problems that seem too big to me are all solved now.

Just also a few updates for the previous month. I haven't blogged for 2 weeks plus because I was really busy with all the preparation to uni, preparation for the kindergarten's year end exam and concert and such. Youth in church had this Connect 2 event for both the month of August and September. I was in the committee team even thou not the key person but already soooo much work to do. Glad it's finally over now *PHEW*. All the markings all the brainstorming all the plannings, I would really die of depression if not for God's grace lol JOKING. Not forgetting also giving tuition as usual. That alone already is overkilling.

Well. So life wasn't easy. Hopefully that busyness was enough to prepare me for my uni life in the near future. Oh did I mention I had to go through Foundation again? Everybody thought it was such a waste since I graduated highschool with an STPM lol. I felt the same too but then later I thought it was okay, at least I could enjoy another year of myself being a student. Perhaps it was peer pressure that made me feel so old all of a sudden. Like what, everybody is saying that 3 more years we'll be out in the society working, facing the giants and blabla. So I'm 20 this year and I have 4 years till my working life. Hopefully that's an advantage. But I can't avoid being the eldest in my Foundation class soon. Ouch.

So since most of my tuition are stopping this month, that also means I have a whole lot more leisure time at home I'm so high. But it won't last long, only 2 weeks till I move to my apartment. Speaking of apartment I want to hereby thank a few person. They're like some God-sent angels lol. There's this girl I met just once during my form6. She's enrolling in the same uni as I am, and she's been sooooo helpful. Like I said I was sooooo busy the past 2 weeks I almost forgot I haven't found a place to stay! She was there to always remind me and make sure I've found one. Sweet. In the end I found one penthouse, this is credited to another church friend who came randomly to talk to me and so happened I mentioned about my apartment and so happened he was willing to help find for me. I owe you a meal dude. Also my boyfriend has been asking me to stay at his Malaysia house since he's in the States now and has one empty room here. But it's 30mins away from my uni, may not be convenient. Nevertheless I know you care darling, thank you muax! :D

I guess that was it. More posts soon about my penthouse and new uni.
YAY hen kai xin hen kai xin hen kai xin! ^^

I just want to be a blessing.


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