Oct 3, 2013

at 8:39 PM


'Congratulations ! Please be informed that your application for admission to Multimedia University has been accepted and you have been selected for the following programme...'

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGGGGGGG I can't describe the feeling when I saw this OMGGG! Sorry for overreacting but I really am excited.

Since it's MMU, of course my application will be accepted, cause it's a private uni duh. As long you're not those that flunk all your subjects and has money, no private uni will reject you. Hehe of course I expected them to accept me already but you know, you will never understand the feeling of a poor little girl being rejected over and over again by some stupid rac*s* g*v*rnment RAWR NO I DIDN'T mean it. :3 Actually I did.

Time and time again I was crushed by the result with 'Dukacita dimaklumkan..' and finally here's one with a 'Congratulations' omg I think it's gonna become my favorite word for the following one year LOL.

Nothing much, came here to express that satisfaction and gratitude to readers and of course not forgetting to praise my God for that.



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