Oct 28, 2013

at 3:35 PM

First coursework.

It's the second week of uni. I'm starting to realize that this is no easy work. Every lecture gives my brain a snap, also it broadens my thinking even it's just a lil bit. Today we had this Creative English and I submitted a 20 lines of short story with a coursemate. I'd love to read the comments soon to see if my writing has gone bad. Hehe.

My coursemates are still awesome, everybody was like so hyped up in the morning, greeting each other with wide grins and all. SO much semangat omg. Probably everyone's still feeling fresh for the uni life. Perhaps a week or two later everyone will be so dead already. Baam.

We already had our first piece of homework last Friday for Creative Studies. A journal? I have no idea. The lecturer explained it as if we all know how to write it. Or maybe I was the only one being blur. Most of the people I talked to has completed the journal but I haven't even started a sentence yet. And I have time to blog now. =3=

Anyways, lets hope my procrastination wouldn't go any more worse and ruin my whole Foundation year. It's time to change. Whee bais.

Off to class.

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