Oct 21, 2013

at 3:11 PM

First day of Foundation.

For the first time I'm having a more specific title for the post, cause I realized I had trouble looking for some old blog posts because 90% of my titles weren't related to the content. Zz.

So this morning dad drove me back to my apartment, I got ready and walked to uni for my first class, it's Creative English. I'm actually kinda thrilled, you know, at least I'm still in touch with English Language, like a proper lesson for English. Other than Maths, English is my second favourite subject. First lesson was only the introduction, ended in one hour instead of two. We're gonna have presentation of Play and some script-writing involved. Omg I've never been in these fields, these have always been my passion just that I have no platform to actually develop myself. I won't say I'm good at these so yeah, pretty challenging, definitely FUN.

After that one hour, some of them were busy recruiting group members, I was lost. I volunteered to join in one of the group cause the people they already have now look pro sia.. HAHA but omg some of the girls were really keen of joining the existing guys too so I kinda backed off. Aww ): Nevermind, I told myself, I asked God to get me in the best group, so I have not much to worry. Hehe.

I came back apartment after class and cooked my lunch. Not too bad huh?

Decided to take a nap for an hour but couldn't sleep, too excited maybe. :3

Right now its 3pm, one hour to go for my next class. It's COMPUTER DESIGN WHEEE. And while I'm blogging now the sky is super dark. I left my umbrella in a friend's car so let's pray it will not rain when I'm leaving later. Or maybe I could ask God to stop the rain till I get to my class ehehehee.

I've made quite a number of friends. Would you call them friends when you already know their name but haven't really talked before? Yeah, they're my friends now then :D

Shit it's raining already.

A picture taken by mom during my last week at work.

Just random.

Gtg for class buaix! =)


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