Oct 23, 2013

at 3:11 PM

Fun Time.

So today is the third day of class already. I had so much fun in class and out. I met a bunch of crazy people, a few international students and some chinese girls just like me. Heeehs. You know people always say university life is nothing like highschool, you don't wear uniforms, you don't sit in class listening to the teacher from morning 7am to 1pm sometimes 2pm and so on. I finally am experiencing them now, it's really a total different atmosphere that I've always been wanting to try and experience. Lecturers are cool, they let us eat and even sleep in the class lol. They were like, it's okay, I understand sometimes you're really tired, as long you don't disturb the class, I'm fine. Some were like you can eat and drink in this lab but just make sure you keep the place clean! I've never thought that uni life could be this awesome, it's like so new to me, and I'm definitely loving it.

My room is super clean now, and my living room is half clean. I had the whole afternoon yesterday at my apartment to clean the place. The cabinets are so friggin scary with spider webs and dust. I killed more than 5 spiders already I'm SO MANLY! Yay. Next Tuesday I need to start sweeping and mopping so I could use the living hall too. The only thing I really hate here other than the dustiness is that, Mosquitoes are like EVERYWHERE even when I cook when I sleep when I'm in my room except when I'm showering of course. They don't close the window IDK WHY but it's okay, I'm new here so I'll adapt myself to the rules.

My class has about 53 people for all the subjects except for tutorial which is split to 2 groups. I don't know all of them yet but at least half. Every class has the typical types of people, you can't run away from that. The extreme group, where the people will be super proactive and it's so stressful. I don't know how they survive because basically they just get everything done before the lecturer asks us to. Good but scary. I almost joined their group for the English assignment, lucky not, cause if not I'll be dead receiving calls after calls from them asking me if I've done my work or not. LOL just saying, no offense. But these people are usually the hardworking ones, they deserve better members. Not me cause I. am. freaking. lazy.

Other groups are like the quiet ones, the cool ones, the stick-to-my-own-race ones, and last but not least the crazy ones. I don't belong anywhere cause 强者永远是孤独的。 LOL JOKING. If you don't understand that saying, it simply means the strong ones are always alone. Really I was joking. I can't survive alone. I don't know which group I belong to but I do have a group of really crazy guys with 2 international students. It's only like the third day we're hanging out but they're pretty cool. Let's hope nobody is wearing a mask. x)

It's 2.45pm now and I have a class at 4pm. It's raining again and I haven't gotten back my umbrella. ISH WHAAAIII.

Some fun updates.

Tried shawarma on Monday with the new friends,
it costs 5 bucks and it's super tasty.

When I took my phone out to snap the shawarma,
this guy thought I was taking his picture and he made this face,
so might as well.

Computer lab for computer graphic tutorial,
with super big screens.

Campus view, while waiting for class.

dinner last night.

lunch today.

This retarded ship, has a story behind it.
We had our first Life Drawing class this morning, so lecturer gave us some personality test based on our drawing. So I was reminded of the test we did in highschool where you have to draw a house and clouds and sun whatsoever. I don't know, I thought it was that. So lecturer asked us to draw a cruise ship. I had no idea what a cruise ship is I'm so dumb omg! So the first thing that popped in my head was a normal ship. Then I thought we had to doodle it as fast as we can, so I didn't care, I just drew a random retarded cartoon ship and completed it within a minute. When done, everyone else was still drawing so slowly and carefully. Then lecturer went 'you have 5 minutes' and BOOM I was so embarrassed lol. I didn't bother to even rub it or change it because I thought you know, it's a personality test, everything has to be first-hand. Even thou it's wrong. Whatever. Anyway some of my classmates around me said things like 'owwhh so cute!' well thanks guys that's very kind of you but you can go ahead and say I'm dumb I don't mind LOL. Ish. 90% of my coursemates are younger. I feel so...nevermind. 

Lastly (ss again hehe) I have this full-length mirror in my apartment and each time I walk pass it I can't help it but to take photos of myself HAHAHAHA crap.

Nobody so far believes I'm 20. Nobody at all.
I'm so high.

*dances around*

Till next time! x)


HKK Jirokay said...

LOL! please.. you are just 20...
Lets say you are 30.. and they still tot you are not 30..

MidnightGurl said...

what are you trying to say?? LOL i dont understand hahaha...still happy they say i look younger. x)


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