Oct 30, 2013

at 1:53 PM

God in control

Class this morning ended early again, I came back at 11.30am and cooked my meals. Tonight I'm going to campus for this event Memories of the Autumn organized by the Chinese Society. Excited. =)

Submitted my first journal last night and about half an hour later lecturer replied:

Good thinker possesses certain abilities such as cognitive capabilities, as well as thinking strategies and skills; it is their abiding tendencies to explore, to inquiry, to seek clarity, to take intellectual risks, to think critically and imaginatively. Good work Joey !

: )

I'm so super happy I thought my work would be in the wrong format and stuff. Didn't care much cause it was the first entry so I thought it's okay to make mistakes. Lol.

Praise the Lord, I think I'm handling things fine thus far. =)

Also, my classmates are getting crazier day by day I can't seem to blend in anymore hahaha. Most of the time now I leave the group and head back to my apartment cause I just gotta restrain myself from eating outside food. Save cost save cost, and till today I still enjoy my own cooked food. Awesomeness overload.

Well the gang planned for a Halloween party tomorrow in class, they decided to put on hair spray and make up and just walk to class like a boss well at least that's what I was told. So as the paper was going round the class for us to write our names, of course I did not. Then came the questions 'JOEYY COME ON!!' 'Write your name!' 'Join the fun JOEY!!' 'How can you not join us Joey!!' I didn't have time to answer to every question so I just said 'sorry guys I'm a Christian and I don't celebrate Halloween'

This is too fast. I mean, they've gone too wild, I can't cope. LOL. Their energy seems endless, they're always out, they're always talking on the Whatsapp group, they're always planning for stuff. I need time to rest and for my work and nothing else, I can't handle too many things at one time lol.

But don't get me wrong, they're all so energetic and fun and cute, but maybe I just don't belong to those kind of fun. Old liao, 20 liao, you know. =p They're all so, unlimited. lol

Just now after class when I was walking away from them one of the boy was like 'You're leaving again? We're gonna discuss about the Halloween party tomorrow!' So I told him I had to come back to cook then he gave me a 'Loser' kind of look and I only smiled back and walked away. Well have fun kids, this 20-year-old jie jie needs rest. heh =p

It's almost 2pm now and both my roommates are still sleeping since I came back from class. Omg they have awezome lifez.

Gtg makan. Mwahs!


阿屎 (Ah See) said...

ur course all didi n meimei?din hv same age de?XDD

MidnightGurl said...

haha got, but the group of people I'm mixing now all younger ones LOL


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