Oct 20, 2013

at 9:52 PM

New phase!

warning: long post xp

Hiii peeps! I've been really busy with the transition. Finally some time to update now :D

I'm officially an MMUians now, class starts tomorrow. Can you sense my excitement? WHEEE.

So last Monday (14th) was the worst day of the month I'd say. I only got my offer letter 3 days before I enter uni, and I was so stressed settling all the forms and stuff. So happened 15th was a public holiday, all the offices banks and such weren't open. Gahh. Hated it, sister warned me to be prepared as there will be more to come..NOOOOUUUUUUs.

Anyway praise the Lord, I got everything done on Wednesday morning. Imma skip the whole progress, but all in all, I really want to thank my father for bringing me around without any complains. Like I always say he's really an awesome dad, you know. We practically went round and round the town I lost count of the rounds. First to post office, then bank, then clinic, clinic not open, went photo studio, then back to clinic, then walked to a bookshop, went school, finally back home, and then post office again. Even after all these, I wanted to dapao WanTanMee, he drove to more than 3 shops just to look for wantanmee for me muahahaah. And finally he drove me all the way from Seremban to Cyberjaya, to my apartment.

Thanks dad, I love you. 

I spent the whole Wednesday evening and night cleaning my room in my new apartment. Here's a picture of the swimming pool and night view of the surrounding of my apartment. So much loves omg.. You know, I would one day come down and sit at a table to blog, just so to enjoy that atmosphere. Behehe.

Then the next morning was the first day of Orientation. Woke up with this view, gave me enough of energy and hope for this beginning of my new chapter. Rise and Shine yo! =D

Miao...miao everywhere! Soooo friggin adorable RAWR!

Orientation was normal, bored with all the taklimat but other than that everything else was perfect. Below are pictures of the uni compound.

And finally le me in the toilet.


So awesome right my UNI! bwahaha..it has its own MMU song I'm so proudddd x)) From my apartment to a small gate linked to MMU it takes me 5 mins, from the gate to my faculty's building it takes another 10mins. The first day of orientation ended at 11.30pm, by the time I walked back to my apartment it was already 12am, my leg sore like shit and I had at least 2 blisters on my toes. Funniest thing is that until now I have trouble finding my own block at my apartment. 

The first night there was a real nightmare, I got lost in the middle of the blocks. I lost my direction and had no idea where to go. It was close to 10pm I think, I visited a friend at another block, so I guess when I walked back alone I overestimated myself, I forgot I suck at directions (at least that's whay my boyfriend always says ish). And you know my area has a lot of middle east people staying, so I was so scared. Not like I'm worried they'll do anything to me but heck I was alone and they really look scary LOL I'm sorry! I spent about 30mins walking around asking people where's my block. So noob right zz. Anyway I had somebody special with me on the phone throughout that period of time. Thanks buddy, appreciate it!  ^_______^v 

And what do I eat when I'm hungry?

Makan Maggi nia.

Living alone with strangers is not easy. Especially when I'm sharing everything else with them. I felt like I have no privacy, restricted to only that little space in the room. I know it's time to grow up, I was too comfortable in my comfort zone. I have to wash my own clothes, cook my own meals, tidy up my own place and whatnot. 

Mom is overly worried I think. But she's so cute. I came back on Friday, and she never stopped telling what to cook what to do what to remember ever since. She prepared a whole bag of food for me to survive over the week, and she would end each reminder asking '会没有哦?..38..' LOL so cute right..then I would hug her and tell her thank you miiiiii. I really love her soo much... =)) Here's a conversation between me and mom. (click to enlarge)

When I saw that bodoh bodoh bodoh I burst out laughing.
She's too cute.

Kays done with the uni, here are some random updates.

The other day dad brought me to this auto car wash machine I was so fascinated. 
First time.

The Sunday before I moved to apartment, aunt brought me for Hightea at Allson Klana Resort. The whole interior was so much different from before. Still prefer the previous setting. 

Anyway thankful for the treat, I have loving aunts.

Monday was the last day at work. Before I leave I told the kids ‘姐姐要走了咯,你们要乖!’ then this 5 years old girl ran to me and hugged my legs, then went off with watery eyes. She was quiet, till when I reached the gate, she stood up from her place and said '姐姐!'.. The moment I heard that my heart really skipped a beat. She looked so sad omg.. Then she ran to me and cried asking me not to go..

Aww poor thing.. =( I still managed to snap photos.
Crap, Imma miss you little one.
See you soon on Graduation Day! =)

Then my all-time-fav little Ven Hao boy came and hug me too.

This is the current condition of my study table at home.
Sibeh empty, cause room now half belongs to my little brother now.

This is a friggin filling triple cheese burger I had yesterday.
Its smell its juiciness its cheezzieeness killed me.
*dies. :3

Lot more to tell, but next time.
Live life to the fullest! =)


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