Oct 10, 2013

at 5:18 PM

Rainy day, lazy joey.

It's raining!

I think I fell asleep on bed for about 30 minutes before I was awaken by the rain. Rushed to close the windows and went back to my bed. My music player was playing at random since I got home from work, and then the rain went heavier, my whole room was in complete darkness. Except for the display light from my lappy, and some daylight creeping in from outside.

It's 4.10pm.

Just as this atmosphere was filling my senses, I allowed myself to indulge in the sight and sound of the rain. I got up and paused my music player, and decided to blog while I enjoy the scent of the lovely rain. You know, the rain just has rhythm of its own, still better than any song in my entire playlist.

I so wish I have curtains for my window, so I can block away the unwanted daylight to make my room darker. Ish. So in the end I decided to blog in my living room, just the darkness I love.

I was checking my to-do-list, and really thankful that most of them were being ticked off. I'm a step away from uni life, and I have exactly one day left to confirm my application. A guy called from the uni and told me to go for body checkup and send them back the report by 11th. It's already 10th today. I don't know what's that for but I can't do no shit till my offer letter is here. Oh syiaks so helpless...

Other than that I guess I'm ready for my new phase. Still in between excitement and anxiousness.

Falling for LINE app these days.
Too many emoticons, too many colors, too lovely too cute not to use.

Cannot even be compared with Whatsapp.
Really reallyyy.

Nothing much to update,
eating chocolate and maybe ice cream soon.
Just little things that make me a happy girl.

However before I go,
 lemme show you one little fluffy bunny.

to the left to the left.

to the right to the right.


Off for some self-jamming session with my Timmy.

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