Nov 23, 2013

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I promised myself I will not quit blogging, therefore I'm here now despite my busyness. =3

There were too many things happened during these 3 weeks of me not updating my blog. It's good sometimes when I have to recall back past events cause I have more chances to thank God for His grace and protection and stuff.

I'm in MMU Cyberjaya for exactly a month now, tbh I really love it there thou it's only a month. It's nothing like high school plus, it's really a different lifestyle altogether.

I don't talk much with my roommates, they're both busy with their stuff all the time and they're 23 so perhaps they think that I'm childish that's why. T_T One of them is always skyping with the boyfriend or talk on the phone with boyfriend if not she'll be studying or sleeping. The other one is always sleeping during the day and assignment the whole night, if she isn't doing either of the above she'll be gaming. I can almost know their lifestyles by now. Throughout the whole one month staying with them, I had less than 5 nights sleeping with lights off, cause it's either they stay up the whole night or me lol. I'm one weirdo who loves doing things in the dark (omg I hope it doesn't indicate anything negative) so sometimes when they're still sleeping in the evening hour when the sun is going down, I'll just choose to stay in the dark with them :3

As for my classmates, I used to be in their gang but right now I'm slowly backing off and going back to my old self = loneranger. wakakkaa. Nothing bad about it, I'm used to being alone all the time lol just sometimes joining the fun for awhile and walk away when I have to. I prefer it that way so I get a little of everything, just like how my life is. Well other than weekends where I'm back in hometown, my everyday life is filled with le Fs. They're like floating everywhere in the air, I can hear them no matter where I go. In campus off campus at home except in my sleep. My classmates abuse it, my roommate sometimes curse while gaming (lol) and people around me just keep using the F like it's their daily bread. I have this girl in my class, I remember the first few days when we were in class, I couldnt tahan all the F so I just murmured 'omg all the Fs', then she heard it and said 'YAH! I don't like it too! =(' SO  I thought to myself okay at least somebody's with me. Weeks had gone by and yesterday during class lecturer gave us work and surprisingly she was the first to go 'WTF.'

Lol oh well =D

Few days ago was our Registration Day for Clubs & Societies. I went into the hall and just walked pass the booths, nothing really attracts me except for the music club and CF. Last week I went for this Fresh Bottle first meeting and it was totally awesome. The club is under Chinese Language Society and it's  about song-composing and bands. I really wanted to be part of them BUT when I registered for CF few days ago I got to know that their meetings are both on the same day. Wiiuu, dilemma much D: Went for CF on Tuesday, fell in love with the people there, and I guess I'll just quit Fresh Bottle even thou I really, really love their music hmm.

Also, during my first meeting at Fresh Bottle's, a few of my classmates were there and they made me do the Cup Song in front of everyone. Here's THE LINK to the video of it but dang it sucks cause I was super paiseh. They never seem to be bored with the Cup Song even till now =.= I'm bored already.

Last Friday was the Thanksgiving Concert in Tadika Nissi aka the kindergarten my mom works at aka the kindergarten I grow up at :3 This year I contributed more as I was in charge of the deco for the backdrop, I was one of the Emcee that day, sang Setia with the kids, and choreographed 2 of their dances.

If you're my fb friend then you can watch their dance HERE

My fav Ven Hao playing piano aww (':

Below are some random photos in November =)

One of my assignment.

Life Drawing - Perspective Drawing



Concert backdrop.

Cutie pie during concert day.

Rapping like sakai with brother in car.

NOT MY WORK lol sibeh impressed by a friend.

wanted to upload in instagram earlier but line in Cyber too noob, kept failing so didn't wanna waste so posted it here ahhh whateva.

And lastly, current me.



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