Dec 31, 2013

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I didn't feel good for not blogging for such a long's the last day of the year, here's a post as compensation to my bloggie. =)

Christmas has always been the busiest season in the year, this year I'm extra glad cause I did not waste my time! In the previous 2 or 3 years I started to lose the excitement. Not to say lose, maybe I would rephrase it and say I wasn't prepared. Christmas day came and it just slipped away before I could enjoy it. And then the new year.

Probably because I'm already in uni now and Christmas season became a double season to me. I was so afraid I would miss this Christmas, therefore I planned my schedule and I surrendered my plans to God, asking for a good Christmas this year. He is faithful as usual, He did prepare me for this wonderful season and I totally enjoyed it, despite all my assignments. =)

One thing I'm sad about, I don't seem to have the time for blog anymore. I mean I would have to squeeze time because blogging has been part of my life since years back, I promised myself I will not quit blogging. At least not in the coming years.

So my time table was never empty since a few weeks back, since the end of November. Everyday I have homework or assignment to submit. Every weekend there will be tons of church activities and practices and preparations for Christmas. No empty slot at all. It's towards the end of the semester now so all the final assignments are coming in. I slacked because it was Christmas, now it's another year to look forward to, and I find it kinda hard now to restart my engine. Need some pushes. Hmm.

Just a lil updates of the past events:
Our church had caroling this year on the 17th of Dec and I was the guitarist with Karkay and HuiLing. They're both new to this so I was like their sifu ad haha. This year's a lil different cause I wasn't in Seremban, traveled back from uni with Kelvin and Chris for caroling and traveled back again to uni in the midnight, macam cigek. It doesn't matter cause, serving the Lord is always a joyful thing to do. =)

That Thursday itself (19th), MMU Cyberjaya organised this Kpop Night which was a Kpop dance competition at the grand hall. I went with a few classmates and there were screamings and only screamings from the beginning till the end. Typical. But I was one of them too heh. There were more than 10 groups from all over the places and I was surprised to see familiar faces on the stage too! 2 of the groups were from my dance studio back in Seremban. One of them even managed to the top 8. :D They gave us door gifts and my favourite gift isn't the mask, it's the lil LED light that can be attached to the finger. WHEE XIAO XIAO DE DENG ME GUSTAAA. x) They look beautiful especially when you shine all the colours much loves.

The next day (20th) after my morning class ( actually if I'm not mistaken I skipped that class lol) I rushed back to hometown for Children Rally in our church. It was a 2-day event but I only managed to help out for the second day. I heard the first day had over a 100 children attended but the second day there were only about 50. Didn't matter, still had fun with the kids! It was a success. PTL, many kids accepted Christ too! =)

On Saturday there were no youth service, I forgot what I did that afternoon, but sister was back from Kedah, so I was high. :3

Sunday (22nd) I went church for english service because we had a sneak-peek for Christmas performance, I was involved in the Musical Team so we had 2 songs out of 7 to be presented as the pre-performance for Chrsitmas Day. After that I stayed in church for the last round of practice. I would say it was a very tiring day because after the practice, I was out with family the whole day till about 10pm at night. It was really really really long since the last time the whole family went out together. Even if we had, somebody had to be missing. Most of the time it's only 4 in the family with either sister in Kedah, dad at work, or me at uni. So that day I would consider that as one of the best days in the year. =) It didn't matter what we did really, I only treasured the time being together and all the jokes and stories shared. I really, love my family.

Another weekend was gone without completing any work. But totally worth it.

Monday (23rd) I went back to uni, the previous night I did not sleep I forgot why but I remembered I was dead on Monday. After my morning class, I went to a waterfall at Semenyir with 5 of my best kaki in class to shoot for photography assignment. Went there with a rented car and saw almost half of my other classmates there also haha. Everybody seemed to have planned to go to the same waterfall, only I was blur. The place was kinda steeped to me but thank God we're all safe. Even thou it's for assignment but I had fun with the gang, despite my already dead brain due to sleep deprivation. When we came back it was about 7pm already. It was drizzling, I walked under the drizzle like a zombeyhh and headed home to change. I had to get ready for caroling with the CF people in my uni. I was excited despite my tiredness. When I finally got ready, the rain got heavier and so happened I lost my umbrella somewhere. Emo. Plus my phone pattern banyak, kept restarting and the battery drained faster than I expected, and phone was finally dead before me. DOUBLE KILL. Emo like shyt. So I just threw my phone at home to let it charge, and went down my block to wait for the cf people to pick me. That moment I seriously had no idea how to contact them, I was alone, I was cold, I was dead mentally, I was just sitting on the bench, looking out in the dark, letting my mind to wander, enjoying the rain the orange street lights shone on the surface of the swimming pool and just that atmosphere. I could sit there all night long. I would.

About 10 to 20 mins later my angels have arrived, so I followed them to join the rest of the group. The caroling went on till 12 midnight. I was being asked to play the guitar on the spot, wasn't ready, but everything went fine. Loved them. =)

24th was Christmas Eve (you don't say), well my uni gave permission to all those who celebrate Christmas to skip class that day. I could have gone back Seremban earlier but I slept till noon hour and had lunch at about 3pm. Got scolding from mom cause we were supposed to leave to my aunt's house for a Christmas party at 6pm, I only reached home at 6.30pm. Rawr sorry lorh. :3

Party that night wasn't like the years before cause aunt invited her colleagues and therefore there were very little time for me and my relatives to have fellowship. But it's k, haz presents. :3 HAHA jk.

25th was the Day! I got up at 6am to dress up and did my hair. Got ready and left to church for Christmas. I was forced to put on make up because they said we all look like we were still sleeping. So the make up. Urgh.

Our performance was better in the second service, thankful that our efforts had paid off. We sacrificed our Sundays for this and it turned out really good, all glory to God. =)

So Christmas is done. Now it's the new year.

Apart from all the event updates, many things had happened. In my studies, my walk with God, friendships, relationship with boyfriend and whatnot. I'm still struggling with all the datelines and so many other things on the emotion side.

I guess I won't have enough time to complete this post with photos and my thoughts for the new year and so on. Gonna have the next post on that, now I'm preparing to go out with my CF gang for the FINAL COUNTDOWN at Putrajaya. Can't wait. I love being with them cause they're just an awesome bunch!

It's 2014 in 3 and a half hour's time. This year has been challenging. Can't wait for a better year. =)

Till then, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014! 

Wish you were here..

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