Dec 6, 2013

at 11:58 PM


Just realized I haven't been posting much, only one miserable post for the whole of November.


It's towards the end of the year, I should be updating more about my new year hopes and goals and resolution and shyts nolah I'm just joking lol. Now even my sleeping time is disturbed by my never-ending assignments and work, I hardly sleep these days.

Period has to come at times like this, why oh why, made me so restless these days. =(

a lil updates thou:

One fine morning, tyre punctured.

One of my assignment, self-rated, 5/10

2 Subang pals. Hehe
Look at my dirty hands eww.
Caused by charcoal pencil during Life Drawing class.

冬瓜蔗糖薏米水 by CCF 坏人帮
Aren't they sweet.. =)

One fine day, selfie. :3

My everyday walking journey to and fro campus.

Mood swing here.
That's about it for now..
Ciao. =)

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