Jan 30, 2014

at 12:16 PM


Whee CNY is here! $_$


I guess I really have to start cleaning my room already. Had too much time lazing around till I forgot today is new year eve! Room's in deep mess, so is myself.

2 days ago went Times Square with sister. Shopped like mad and spent an amount of money that could feed me for 3 months! (if only you know how much I actually spend in a month) It was more like a half day trip thou, met with some high school friends and decided to join them for the rest of the day. Was good being able to hang out with these people again. =)

Jiejie =)

BBQ Plaza with high school babes.

Yesterday afternoon went saloon for my new haircut rawr. Mom has been urging me to go for hair treatment and stuff, strange mother. After that I had a mini meet up session with a PLKN friend, buff guy, suddenly jio me yamcha, bu cuo bu cuo. Later in the evening I went out again with family. Chilled with bro and sister at Tesco McD while mom and aunt went in to shop. Had a good bonding time, I always love hanging out and fooling around with my siblings. =)

Isshhh so when do I do my laundry and tidy room?

Apart from that also my desktop is like a rubbish dump. I think tio virus liao, so downloaded trial version of Kaspersky, gotta do a deep clean-up! But where do I find time again? rawrr!!!

 My break this round is a sufficient break. I sleep at 12am and wake up at 11am everyday. Almost. Gonna have a mask session with sister and mom tonight after reunion dinner, while playing card games with dad and bro, just like how we always do on cny eve.

Till then Joey Tien is off to clean room. CIAO! ^__^

God is at work.
That much I'm sure.


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