Jan 3, 2014

at 2:32 PM

Welcoming the year.

Hello 2014! =) 
I'm gonna be 21 this year. Man time flies.
No more a small girl, but still hoping to be some people's small girl forever. Bleh.

Countdown this round was different, cause boyfie wasn't around..because of the different time zone, Malaysia reached 2014 15hours earlier than US. I wanted to video cam with him and watch the fireworks together and all but dang my stupid retarded phone. Not gonna explain too much but I missed the chance. Also, I did not get to see any fireworks this year. Ha. Ha. What a countdown right.

But one thing that made it special was the group of people I was with. My CF friends at uni planned the countdown  at Putrajaya near a lake, the view was magnificent, the streetlights were so romantic, the atmosphere was perfect. If only he was there with me.. =)

Like I always say my CF bunch is an awesome bunch. We played some games just for fellowship purposes. Doesn't matter what game we played actually, with them any lame game would become interesting. x) Also Mr. WingYuen was there with the group of people. Thank you for coming all the way to join me.. ^^

Even thou the time was short and even thou I was emo the whole time with my retarded phone, the outing that night was definitely special.

About 15 of us.

So right now I'm actually at Old Times Kopitiam, Serdang alone blogging. Waiting for dad to come and pick me. Had myself a fine Ice Blended Carrot Juice and just chilling here since they have Wifi and air-cond.


But also at the same time my stomach is sending me an SOS message asking for help. I think Imma drop by at a mamak for some food before dad reaches. Food here is too expensive and my purse has less than 15 bucks now. 


eeeeyer light kacau.

How's the year gonna be? 
I can't wait to explore. 


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