Feb 6, 2014

at 8:41 PM

Back with the kids.

Today I went back to mom's kindergarten to help out. Most of the kids remember me! Little Ven Hao is 7 years old already, I still imagined him there today, miss him already..

My favourite girl saw me and was so surprised, she's still super adorable! She was like ‘啊!!Joey姐姐!!!’

hehe :D 4 years old lil boy Justin ran to me, hugged me and shouted ‘老师姐姐!’ Well that's how he likes to call me.

I asked him to do a peace sign, photos were taken when he was trying to count his fingers and making sure it was a peace. :3

Was happy to see new faces too. 

This girl is so princess-like.

And not forgetting my 小老鼠..

小老鼠 is 5 years old now. rawr.

I told her to stand further because too cute not to snap photos.

Last but not least tiny Suki is not tiny anymore.
Friggin fat so now I call her 肥婆.

It just feels good to be back.

Yesterday was mom's birthday. We went dinner the night before at Manhattan. Good food, lovely people, awesome gathering. Oh and Kelvin was tagged along as well. Mom said when baby comes back she'll treat him too. Yay for second round luls. Mom bought me 2 pairs of pants, so I went SS in the fitting room, just like before. 

But because we were in a hurry, so I cincai snapped with messy hair.
Oh and I ended up buying purple one instead of this, cause too loose.

Not feeling well these days because of 女人病 well actually i don't like this term because it makes me sound old Idk why. Anyway yesterday night I lost my appetite, only ate the left over of the fish and apple. Today I did not really eat too, hungry but don't feel like taking in anything at all, so I slept in the afternoon, wanted to wake up hungry so I can have my appetite back.

Woke up just now sibeh sibeh sibehh du zi er so YAY succeeded. Ate bak kut teh and gonna have more food later at night as supper. Went pasar malam with mom and sister just now, miss it loads.

Gonna study tonight, a lot of my friends are actually making me worried. It seems like there're a lot to read, and a lot of them are complaining that the notes are very messy. I have this lil boy in my class that keeps coming to me and complain his stress. For goodness sake he started like few days ago when I was still having my good time lazing around. He has been sharing his own-prepared notes to me, said I really need them lol. I feel really bad taking his notes as those were his hard work, but he kept pushing them to me. :3 Aww I owe you ice cream kays!

Coursework marks for English is out finally, I scored a perfect 55/60 even thou it's not perfect lol. I'm so contented already, praise the Lord! The little boy I mentioned above scored 57, also the highest in class, together with another girl, 57. Another person scored 56 I'm not sure who. 3 in my class scored 55, that makes me the top 6 in class muahahahah. Hoping to score well for final paper next Wednesday, which will determine if I get A for English.

Gotta study smart, no stress Joey no stress!

Eversince I cut my hair before cny, my hair started to curl again.


Feb 5, 2014

at 1:19 AM


Many have been complaining how short the holiday is this year. It doesn't affect me because it's my holiday + study break, and I only have exam on next Monday. It's my final but I have no urge to study yet. C'mon it's chinese new year!

Well not so much of chinese new year, more like a reward for me for all my hard work in the past months in my projects and so on D: Even thou not my 100%.

Yesterday I was home the whole day because of my pms, so I didn't get to join the visitation. Ish. Lay in bed most of the time and loved it. Despite the tingling pain in my head, I actually enjoyed the rest. It's like finally some REAL rest since chinese new year has taken so much energy from me.

2 days ago I had the annual gathering with my TRG gang. We have it every year during cny. Just in case you don't know about TRG, it means Teenage Rulez Girls/Gang/Group. Kay I know the name itself is already a problem hahaha but who cares right? Once TRG forever TRG :D

and below are the comparisons.

We were only 14,
and now we're 21.

Do we still hang out together like the old times? No. Do we still talk and have activities together? No. Do we still share our lives and secrets together? No. But we've shared a period of time together in the past, long enough to create beautiful images in my memory closet. We've gone different paths, we hardly meet each other but when we do, it feels like we've been talking everyday. 

There were dramas, loads of them, kiddo fights, gossips and whatnot. But aren't those part of the journey? Sometimes we just gotta decide what to keep and what to forget. We've all grown up now and so is our friendship. 

The feeling is so special I couldn't find anymore words to describe. I may not remember them all the time but, they surely are the few that I treasure, and I thank God for putting them into my life. There will be more to come, and I look forward to the next gathering with this same bunch of people. Be it a year, be it 2 years and so on, I just don't want to lose contact with them.

Dem memories,
dem flashbacks.


Feb 3, 2014

at 4:59 PM

Having fun with DSLR

When I first bought my DSLR one year ago, I was excited because I FINALLY have a quality camera for photos. Also I thought to myself, finally some quality selfies. :3 

But little did I know that taking selfies with DSLR is actually difficult like shyt.

So in this one whole year I hardly camwhore with dslr,


p/s: bear with me tqvm

kay this actually showed my fats RAWR


i wish i was this pretty in real life.




Feb 1, 2014

at 2:57 AM


First day of cny, went for visitation as usual.
Tbh I was bored to death.


But it was good visiting once in a year,
to make myself realize more how fast time flies,
to make myself realize how fast I'm growing up.

Went Station One with family.

Tiga siao lang.

Wo de baobeii men!

Virus is cleared, so is my mind!


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