Mar 31, 2014

at 11:40 PM

Beginning of the Change.

So my sem2 has started and I'm already in week3.

I feel bad to myself and to my blog for being away for such a long time, cause I said I'd never quit blogging. Heh. Well just in this period of time when I was away, it happened to be the turning point of my life, where my life has just started to change.

For those who knew what happened to me, I'm moving on with life pretty well now and enjoying my everyday by the grace of God. He gave me support by sending awesome people into my life and never fail to  help me in everything I do. Awesome God I have. I hope He's also taking care of things that I can't reach anymore, things that are not in my control anymore and things that only He knows how to handle.

But all in all, thank You Lord, for e-ve-ry-thing.

Sem 2 is a short sem, workload will be the same as sem 1 which was a long semester, equals to double stress this semester, hooray oh yeah right. D: So far I have no complain over the lecturers, actually I have but never mind cause that subject is more like a self-learnt subject. In short, I don't need the lecturers cause they s- ..okay nevermind.

I started giving tuition again. God once again assured me that He is my provider. =) I have more than enough now for my daily expenses. I once prayed to God that IF He knows I'm not capable of taking care of my money, then don't give me any students. Now that He has given me not one but two, and more are coming in, I will never, forget, to give back unto Him, because my God is an awesome God!

Sem 1 result was out 2 weeks ago, it was below my target, but above my expectation. 3.63, the best results since form6, but I was pretty disappointed because I failed to maintain my scholarship. I had 50% discount for sem one and because I couldn't reach 3.67, my scholarship was being dropped to only 25% discount.


Well till next time. Tataz! =)


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