Jun 22, 2014

at 1:53 AM

Pick. Poke. Pry.

I have been away for quite a couple of months, reason being so was because of my busy schedule, and also too many happenings to digest, or rather, to adapt.

People grow from time to time. Be it mentally, physically or even spiritually.

We get blinded sometimes. Why, because we were never shown the truth/the right way. So we keep thinking that we are on the right track and never realizes the real thing behind it.

I'm so tired of people judging me.

If you don't know what actually happened, do not come telling me what I did was wrong. Self-righteous people hardly survive, you know.

Be careful with what you say to the others. Especially when you know you are spreading rumors. Get your facts right, say what you should, keep what only brings negativity.

You know it's actually funny how my blog title actually says 'Joey's Gossip' and I'm here telling people to get their facts right. Hah.

Anyway, it's actually a reminder to self too.
Gossip less, compliment more.

Don't blend yourself in somebody's past and claim that you know best.
Don't poke your nose into somebody's business and speak on their behalf. Unless you were told to.
Don't pry into people's affair and make things worse. You aren't helping at all.

Truth is.
You. Know. Nothing.


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