Jul 14, 2014

at 1:59 PM

My experience with FIFA World Cup 2014


Hiiyaa. It's been awhile. (:

FIFA World Cup 2014. Well it's like the hottest topic now in the whole world. But first of all here's a picture of my just-wakey-but-thanks-to-filter-you-can't-see-how-bad-my-face-is face.


Oh well my experience with the FIFA World Cup. It's obviously my first time following it. Being the type of girl that hardly cares about what happens around her, I guess it shows my effort to change that eh. Nyahah. :D 

I'm definitely not a football fan, so let alone knowing the rules of the game, and that means I had to keep asking whoever that's beside me as the game goes, which I'm quite sure they were bothered. LOL. 

The first full game I watched was at home with my family, second was at a friend's place, and third, which was the final, was at the mamak near my uni. It was such a waste not having the chance to watch with my dearie. Perhaps the next season? ;)

how I manage my nights with FIFA games.

So like a 10 hours ago I was at le mamak watching final Germany vs Argentina. The game lasted for 120 minutes, it was exciting especially when you're cheering with a bunch of strangers just for the sake of it haha. To feel what they feel, of course you gotta have a team to support, and I was definitely all for Germany (because they won LOL). However I was really impressed by the goalkeeper of Argentina. Kudos for his contribution stopping the balls even thou he missed the goal by Gotze in the last 10 minutes. Seriously who would have expected that righttt?? Everyone was like nahhh, they'll reach the penalty stage but nooooo, Germany was so Klose, but now they Gotze it. Meh.

Thou I was like YAY THEY WON and stuff but actually it doesn't benefit me. .__. not like we're gonna have a public holiday for that. ANNNND come to think of it, it actually gives me more disadvantages than advantages. My sleeping time was reversed the past 2 days because of it, I missed my morning class at 10am because of it, and most of all somebody was mad at me for going out late without asking/telling beforehand. Hmm. =(

Well nonetheless FIFA World Cup 2014 surely has increased my knowledge. 

-feeling 井底之蛙-


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