ABOUT Le Girl.


I'm an average soon-to-be-21-year-old girl who loves God.

Well if you're reading this then it's really a very much thank you from me. (:

Basically I don't share my blog around with everybody. I don't emphasize on it for people to visit. I just leave my link in my Facebook 'About Me', whoever cares would come and take a look. Otherwise it doesn't really matter.

I blog about things I find amusing, not exactly my daily life but I do update about my current status and so on. I blog about my emotions, my frustrations, my experiences with God, and mostly random stuff.

Music is my passion and I'm a musician myself.
I play guitar, piano and drum. Well just a little of everything.
I still pick singing as my favorite. I don't go for lessons, so I have no skills.
Hmm pretty much a lazy musician.

I have a personal Youtube account at http://www.youtube.com/user/NottyGirl93
It's okay you can ignore it for now.
I don't update much, but you can check out some of my covers I did.

I'm from a chinese background family but I suck at chinese.
I speak them but I write better in english.
Oh my vocab sucks too.

Wth I'm so worthless.

That's basically that. And here're some other random stuff about myself.
- I'm underweight and I'm hating it.
- Of all my body parts, I love my eyes the most although they don't shine.
- I have problem with self-confidence and I'm working on it.
- I do math.
- I hate studying but I force myself to study so I'm above average. Still below good.
- I'm not at all girly and I don't make up. But I wanna be pretty :3
- I have a loving family but they're all so weird in a good way.
- Black is my fav colour and I'm quite tanned myself.
- I love chocolate like LOADS but I always forget to eat'em. You can check my fridge.
- I'm not a very organized person and I'm loving it for no reason.
- I do most of my things last minute cause that's when the 'kicks' would come in.
- I love cute stuff. Cause I'm cute. ROFL.

Thanks for being here.

I have 2 blogs:

www.vampirejoezy.blogspot.com (2008 - March 2014)
www.joeyliicious.blogspot.com (May 2014 - current)


Updated on,
8th of May 2014

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